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Wedding is perhaps the most significant event in our lives. Unlike birth and death, we can control this event! We can make the wedding beautiful, cherish-able and worth attending. Since this a once in a lifetime and life changing event, we really do not want anything to go wrong. We want every single part of wedding marvelous, outstanding and full of life and joy. Nowadays, since wedding is planned much ahead of the time of the big day, we want everything in harmony, from décor to catering, from tables to gifts, from lighting to love presents, everything must be perfect. As we invite a lot of people to our weddings, we do not want any unnecessary incidents arising from any lack of discipline. Since, it is the responsibility of a lot of people, the seating arrangement has to be planned properly and each guest should be guided to his/her seat. Assigning volunteers for guiding these guests does not seem proper at a wedding. So, for quite a long time now, place card frame and holder wedding favors have made their way to these weddings.

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What place card frames are: Serving dual responsibility simultaneously, place card frame and holder favors have become a must at every wedding nowadays. Since, a significant budget is set aside for weddings and we do not want to miss out on any relatives, friends, colleagues or even neighbors, there are usually a large gathering at any wedding. Even if not, we want to seat the guests properly before a toast is proposed to the bride and groom. This is where, place card frames play crucial role. We can put every guest’s name on these place card frames and set them in front of the seat they are supposed to take. These place card frames play dual roles since they serve as one sort of wedding favor, a token of appreciation to the guest attending the wedding, too. Since the place card frames are usual frames, after the wedding, the place card frames can serve as photo frames and be wonderful means to remember the wedding by.


Picking suitable place card themes: for the purpose of serving various occasions, shops, especially those specializing in wedding materials, offer various types of place card frames and holders. The outline can be made of metal, wood, shell and any innovative component. The place card holders come in various colors as well. They are often custom made as well, i.e. you can have these  place card holders made according to the theme of your wedding, can tailor them to your specifications. The place card holders can serve life-long purpose and be a memento of your special wedding day at every guest’s living room.


Wedding favors are nothing but signs of gratitude towards the guests for their cordial presence. If value can be added to these favors by putting a little thought, then these favors can serve necessities as well. Place card themes are such favors which are essential at weddings in assisting the guests to their seats, enhancing the beauty of the overall décor and beautifying the recipient’s house even long after the occasion is over.

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